Who We Are

Welcome to ULTRA MEDIA, CO, your wholesale distributor of electronic products. We strive to give you the scoop on everything related to electronics, cell phones, computers, laptops and much more. We pride ourselves on providing the best in electronics, with a special focus on major cell phone brands. Likewise, we also carry a wide range of consumer electronics and accessories from the most popular brands.
Founded in January 2005 by Alexandra Romero, ULTRA MEDIA, CO. has come a long way since its inception in Miami, FL. Her passion for technology and communications led her to start her own business, and since then we have been committed to offering quality products and excellence to our customers. Our goal is that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them, and we are committed to providing a satisfying shopping experience. Do not hesitate to contact us. WE ARE NOT THE BIGGEST, WE ARE THE BEST!


We are a company dedicated especially to customer service that needs to buy large volumes of merchandise (cell phones, game consoles, laptops and more) for export or domestic consumption at unbeatable prices and to be delivered in a really fast time.
For all the employees of Ultramediausa.com it is a satisfaction and pride when our friends and clients receive their purchase of merchandise quickly and safely from our warehouses. We only hope that we can continue to serve you sincerely.


Empower our employees to better understand their customer and improve their relationship with them. When we attend to a person, he feels that he is with a friend who will help him find what he is looking for.
Develop a work network to create common and lasting value with all our friends.
Maximize the performance of our clients’ time and that both parties achieve common benefits. Have a wide range of brands and be as inclusive as her.
Give the maximum of excellence and services for customer satisfaction.

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